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Omushana focuses its attention on improving the opportunities available to the children living in the areas around the mountain gorilla reserves in Africa. This involves the provision of equipment and grants to schools and groups who are concerned with the welfare of children in the Mghaina and Bwindi areas of Uganda with the charity, importantly, also promoting conservation of the environment.

Here's how you can get involved;

Bring any of the following items to the centre. In most cases 2nd hand is acceptable unless otherwise stated.

  • good quality reading books 
  • reading schemes 
  • text books 
  • teaching / learning aids 
  • calculators
  • new exercise books
  • pencil cases
  • pencils & colouring pencils
  • rulers, rubbers, pencil sharpeners
  • art equipment
  • cameras and binoculars.

We will donate all your school equipment to Omushana so they can support school communities in Uganda.

On your behalf, The Green Centre have made 2 donations of school equipment to Omushana totalling 4,382. Thank you.

The Green Centre is grateful to Carol Noble and St Andrews Primary School in Hove for donating school equipment to the Green Centre for this project.

"Really your collection of boxes were FANTASTIC.  All perfect - especially the books, notebooks, colouring pencils, calculators and there was a camera too which is brilliant." Gill Castle of Omushana.