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Pens for Kids UK

For many children in the poorest countries of the world there are many obstacles that stand in the way of an education, such as access to basic equipment such as pens and books. This is the motivating force behind Pens for Kids, collecting pens and then sending them to those who would otherwise be unable to afford them. Pens for Kids send pens to Tanzania, Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Ghana, South Africa, Sierra Leone, Peru, Liberia, Cameroon, Somaliland, Democratic Republic of Congo, Madagascar and Zimbabwe.

Here's how you can get involved;

  • Bring any unwanted new pens to the centre.
  • Purchase a packet of 20 / 24 pens from £1 shop and bring to the centre.

We will donate all your pens to Pens for Kids so they can support communities throughout the world.

On your behalf, The Green Centre have made 5 donations of pens to Pens for Kids totalling 1,071 pens. Thank you.