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Wordaid seeks to alleviate poverty by providing disadvantaged people with the tools to learn a trade and to, then, make a living using this learned trade. These tools are acquired from all over the UK and refurbished by volunteers at Workaid workshops. These are then sent to vocational training projects to be used in the teaching of trade skills so as to help the disadvantaged in starting their own businesses. Workaid sends tools and sewing equipment to Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

Here's how you can get involved:

  • Bring your unwanted DIY tools to the centre
  • Bring your unwanted gardening tools to the centre
  • Bring your unwanted sewing equipment to the centre, including sewing machines, cottons, material, zips, buttons, etc

We will donate all your tools to Workaid so they can support communities in the UK and throughout Africa.

On your behalf, The Green Centre have made 4 donations of tools & sewing equipment to Work Aid totalling 11,518 items. Thank you.