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The Green Centre

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Why We Do It

about_whyThe idea for the Green Centre evolved from The Green Workshop, a mobile teaching unit offering environmental education throughout Sussex. The Green Workshop appeared on the streets of Brighton and Hove, at farmers' markets, at fairs and festivals, and schools and businesses throughout the county.

During this time, several themes emerged from the local community:

  • A desire to gain a greater understanding of issues relating to global warming and climate change
  • A willingness to participate in activities which tackle global warming and climate change.
  • Greater awareness of existing reduce/reuse/recycle opportunities
  • A chance to explore creative and inclusive projects in order to engage with a wider audience.

In 2009, in order to develop the ideas shared and the partnerships created by The Green Workshop, we opened the Green Centre at 39 Manor Hill in East Brighton.

In 2017, after 8 very successful year at Manor Hill we had to move out as the building required extensive repairs. We are now based at Brighton Open Market while we convert a double decker bus we have recently purchased.