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Community Garden

The garden when we moved in!

First we got busy with some veg

Next some strawberries

Time to compost

A garden to support the Bees

Now you can sit and have a cuppa

A wormery arrived next

Collecting rainwater in this 700 litre tank

Increasing Biodiversity with a Wildlife Pond

It takes time to develop a garden. We have been developing our since May 2009. We were able to start the fruit and veg patches straight away. We were lucky to receive a donation of a compost bin and inspired by this we built our own from recycled wood. As soon as we heard about the plight of the bees we installed a small bee friendly garden. The Old Market kindly donated some tables & chairs so now you can relax and enjoy a cuppa. Concordia wanted to rehome their wormery and we were the lucky recipients. The East Brighton Trust, Southern Water & BETRE came up with the cash for our rainwater harvesting system which includes a 700 litre tank & a 100 litre water butt. And more recently Brighton & Hove City Council have funded our wildlife pond and help do the installation and planting. Now we have a great garden which you can come and share!