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The Green A - Z your guide to Reduce reduce Re-use re-use Recycle recycle opportunities in the city

Nespresso Coffee PodsReduce - NoRe-use - NoRecycle - Yes

You can recycle Nespresso Coffee capsule. You can obtain a recycling bag from any Nespresso boutique or by contacting the Nespressoclub on 0800 442 442. You can also obtain a recycling bag when you place an order online.

Fill your recycling bag with used capsules (approx 200 per bag). Attach a CollectPlus label to the front of your recycling bag. A label will be provided with your recycling bag. Take your recycling bags to your nearest CollectPlus location.

Use this CollectPlus locator to find your nearest store. Click here for more details about Nespresso Coffee capsule recycling. 

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Tetra-PakReduce - NoRe-use - NoRecycle - Yes

Tetra-Paks (cartons) can be recycled. Check out this video to see how. There are local opportunities.

Please wash and flatten and take to any one of these recycling points:

  • Moulsecoomb Leisure Centre, Moulsecoomb Way
  • Whitecross Street
  • Chalky Road (opp Portslade Community College)
  • Withdean Stadium car park
  • Sainsbury's Superstore, West Hove
  • St John's Road (near Floral Clock)
  • The Level south end opp. St Peter's Church
  • University of Sussex outside Stores, York House
  • Upper Rock Gardens
  • Woodingdean Library Car Park, Warren Road
  • Sainsbury's, Lewes Road
  • Preston Park south
  • Preston Park, Preston Drove entrance
  • Co-op, Nevill Road
  • Coldean Lane (junction with Park Road)
  • Wickes DIY, Davigdor Road (Lyon Close)
  • Freshfield Way (rear of Gala Bingo)
  • King Alfred Leisure Centre Car Park
  • Ladies Mile Road (adjacent Patcham School)
  • Co-op, Lewes Road
  • Queen's Park Terrace, Pepper Pot
  • Portland Road, outside Bingo Hall
  • Rottingdean Marine Cliffs car park

Magpie Recycling Ltd run an opt-in scheme.  Please wash out your tetra-packs.  If you cut the sides you can flatten them easily and fit more in a bag.  If you live in a single household, ask your neighbours / friends / colleagues if they would like to share the cost.  Call Magpie on  01273 684425 for more details.

If you live outside of Brighton & Hove, click here for all your tetra-pak recycling needs. Check out the interactive map which shows you the nearest recycling facilities.

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Coffee grounds (Commercial)Reduce - NoRe-use - NoRecycle - Yes

Coffee grounds can be recycled commercially. Bio-bean was founded in 2013 by Arthur Kay, and is the first company in the world to industrialise the process of recycling waste coffee grounds into advanced biofuels and biochemicals. 

The UK produces 500,000 tonnes of waste coffee grounds every year, most of which is disposed of via landfill where it emits methane, a greenhouse gas that is 28 times more potent than carbon dioxide.

Bio-bean works within the existing energy and waste infrastructure to collect spent coffee grounds from coffee shops, offices, transport hubs and coffee factories, recycling them into sustainable and high-performance products and displacing conventional fuels and chemicals.


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Tools - GardeningReduce - NoRe-use - YesRecycle - No

Gardening tools can be re-used through Workaid, including spades, shovels, forks, shears, hand trowels & forks, long handled hoes, lawn mowers, hedge trimmers, chain saws, watering cans, sprayers, water pumps and hosepipes.

Workaid tackles poverty in developing countries by supplying disadvantaged people with the tools they need to earn a living.  

They collect unwanted items from all over the UK, repair them and send them to vocational training projects, mostly in East Africa.  They have an efficient network of 100 volunteers who co-ordinate tools collections. 

So if you have gardening tools to donate, please phone 01494 775220 or email and you will be put in touch with your nearest area organiser.


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