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Green A to Z - Plastic - The Green Centre

Some plastic can be recycled with the Green Centre. These tend to be items that have some plastic components but are not made entirely of plastic. 

NEXT STOP for plastic recycling: ASDA, BRIGHTON MARINA.

Here's what you can recycle with us;

  • AIR & HOME CARE PACKAGING (sponsored by Febreze)

1. All brands and sizes of plastic bottle caps and plastic trigger heads (used for air care and home cleaning products such as kitchen /bathroom cleaner sprays).
2. All brands and sizes of flexible wipe packaging (used for home cleaning products)
3. All brands and sizes of pumps and caps for home cleaning products.
4. All brands and sizes of plastic air freshener packaging (please remove any cardboard (usually the back) or other recyclable components and recycle these with your household collections).
5. All brands and sizes of plastic air fresheners and air freshener cartridges.


  1. Please check with your pharmacist first to see if they accept these, if not we will.


  • BABY FOOD POUCHES (sponsored by Ella's Kitchen)
  1. All brands of baby food pouches (clean please)


  • BABY SNACK PACKAGING (sponsored by Ella's Kitchen)
  1. Only Ella's Kitchen


  • BISCUIT & CAKE WRAPPERS (sponsored by McVitie's)
  1. All brands of sweet biscuit wrappers
  2. All brands of savoury biscuit wrappers
  3. All brands of cake packaging


  • BOTTLE TOPS (raises money for Lupus UK)
  1. All milk bottle tops; red,green and blue
  2. All plastic bottle tops made from HDPE (2) and LDPE (4)


  1. Cellophane from cigarette packaging (as well as the silver foils)
  2. All brands of tobacco pouches
  3. Cigarette butts


  • KENCO COFFEE PACKAGING (sponsored by Kenco)
  1. Lids from coffee jars
  2. Refill packs


  • PERSONAL CARE & BEAUTY PACKAGING (sponsored by Garnier)
  1. Flexible single use mask packaging
  2. Flexible plastic wipes packaging (personal care)
  3. Caps, pumps and trigger sprays from beauty products
  4. Flexible plastic pots and tubes from beauty products
  5. Hair colourant kits
  6. Plastic roll on deodorants


  • TASSIMO COFFEE PACKAGING (sponsiored by Tassimo)
  1. Pods
  2. Outer packaging but NOT the cardboard as this can be recycled with the Council


  1. You can recycle any brand of water filter at Robert Dyas on George Street in Hove and Western Road in Brighton
  2. You can also recycle any brand of water filter with us


  • WRITING INSTRUMENTS (sponsored by BIC)
  1. Pens (broken)
  2. Felt pens
  3. Highlighters
  4. Tippex bottles





We are at Brighton Open Market every Thursday between 9am and 5pm. Please ALWAYS check our Facebook page to check we are there. 

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