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Green Diary Events - March 2019


Upper Gardner Street Market

The Upper Gardner Street Market is open every Saturday from 9am and sells local produce and vegetables.

This is a regular weekly event - next three dates are: 30/03/2019, 06/04/2019, 13/04/2019

UK Green Film Festival: Trashed screening

The UK Green Film Festival 2013 will bring award-winning feature films, premieres, shorts, guest speakers and Q&As to film fans and green thinkers up and down the country. A fast-growing festival inform, inspire, entertain and challenge.

In something of AN INCONVENIENT TRUTH for global litter louts, British documentary-maker Candida Brady has recruited Jeremy Irons to front a powerful denunciation of waste management and its malign consequences for our environment and health.

4pm at the Dukes @ Komedia.

More details here.