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Green Diary Events - February 2019


Meat Free Monday

Meat Free Monday invites you to abstain from eating meat on a Monday as eating less meat is good for the planet.

UN's top climate scientist Rajendra Pachauri states that, "People should consider eating less meat as a way of combating global warming. UN figures suggest that meat production puts more greenhouse gases into the atmosphere than transport."

If your'e not keen on vegetables why don't you make a commitment to supporting this campaign by experimenting with a new veggie dish each week. Grab a veggie cook book from a charity shop and give it a whirl.

This is a regular weekly event - next three dates are:

Spring Equinox - Festival of Balance & Potential

Our ancestors celebrated 8 points in the year using them as a framework for their lives. The "Wheel of the Year" combines the astronomical cycle of the solstices and equinoxes, with the turning points of each season, marked by the Celts with the 4 Cross Quarter festivals, formerly known as the 4 Great Fire Festivals; Imbolc, Beltain, Lammas and Samhain. In the past huge community bonfires were lit on hilltops, uniting communities in common focus and celebration of their lives and the earth.

The Spring Equinox [23.21 GMT] marks the first balance point of the year, when night and day reach equal length. All of nature is stirring now and showing signs of activity after the Winter sleep. Buds are bursting on the trees, Spring flowers are coming out and seeds are germinating. he powere of the Sun is increasing, the days are lengthening and the nights are shortening. We begin to feel empowered to reach out for what we want and to take risks, strike out on our own, go for walks and connect to the earth again.