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Knitting the Map

It all starts with the wool!

After a lot of work it's ready to spin

Then dye it and knit it

Knitting The Map is a project which was inspired by the beauty of the 1792 Terrier Map (or Ownership Map) of Brighton, seen on display at a local history exhibition in 2007. A group of volunteers, led by Sue Craig, decided to create a unique record of this piece of Brighton & Hove's history by devising a method of translating the map image into knitting patterns. Once planned, they began knitting the coloured strips from local wool they'd spun and dyed themselves and this is still ongoing.

The team, known as Brighton Spinning Group, uses local wool from sheep which graze on the nearby Downs, and spin it using traditional spinning wheels, looms and tools. Once spun, the wool is dyed using plants that the group has grown or gathered themselves, and they've succeeded in matching the five colours of the map using only these plants. The group hopes to set up a National Heritage Craft Museum at Stanmer, and run workshops there on spinning, knitting and weaving.

The Brighton Spinning Group continues to meet each Friday afternoon from 1.30pm - 4.30pm at The Green Centre in Manor Road, East Brighton. We have three spinningwheels and a number of drop spindles and although we're a self-help group, there is usually someone around who can show newcomers the basics of spinning. Call 01273 687700 for more details.