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One Planet Living

In 2013 Brighton was the 1st One Planet Living City in the world

The Green Centre featured in the One Planet Living exhibition

We want to share what we have learnt about One Planet Living

One Planet Living was created by Bioregional. The One Planet Living framework identifies ten intuitive principles which work together to help anyone, anywhere make truly sustainable living a reality.

One Planet came to Brighton in 2013, making it the 1st city in the world to adopt the initiative and the Green Centre was selected to reperesent Zero Waste in the ten month photographic exhibition marking the occasion.  

Prior to this, since 2006, the Green Centre has been gathering information and experiences, collaborating with environmental organisations and engaging with Brighton and Hove residents through a program of environmental activities. 

Now, working with Bioregional, we are using our knowledge and experience  to develop an informal curriculum which we can share with the Brighton and Hove community. Based on the ten principles of One Planet Living, "The Art of Sustainable Living" will be shared through our website and on the Green Centre bus which will house a One Planet Living exhibition and a space for demonstrations and workshops.