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Rag N' Bone

Meet Buddy!

Buddy and Mary

Buddy stopping for a Scooby snack

The Green Centre Rag 'n' Bone Round

The Rag 'n' Bone collection is a monthly horse drawn collection service, operating in East Brighton. We collect a huge variety of items, to be recycled, sent to charities and to be sold in the Green Centre Shop to fund projects. If you have any of the following, your donation would be greatly appreciated:

Clothes, Bedding, Towels, Shoes, Bags, Belts, Jewellery, Toys, Books, CDs, DVDs, Video Games, Aluminium Foil (clean), Brass, Copper, Milk bottle tops (clean), Postage stamps, Foreign currency, Mobile phones, Printer cartridges, Royal Mail elastic bands, Used cooking oil (vegetable or olive oil), and much more.

Buddy the horse will be out on the fourth Saturday of every month during the summer between April and September, and will be stopping for 15 minutes a time at the following stops:

  • 2.00pm Swanborough Flats, Whitehawk Way
  • 2.30pm St. Cuthman's Church, Whitehawk Way
  • 3.00pm Whitehawk Inn, Whitehawk Road
  • 3.25pm Sussex Square
  • 3.45pm Playground by St Marks School (10 minute wait only)

The Rag 'n' Bone collection will be taking place on the following Saturdays:

  • 21st May 2016
  • 18th June 2016
  • 16th July 2016
  • 20th August 2016
  • 17th September 2016

We hope to see you then!