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The Art of Sustainable Living

One Planet Living by Bioregional

for Brighton residents

We have raised £10,000

One Planet Living identifies 10 principles. The Green Centre has raised £10,000 to create a module in each of the principles. This will pay for;

  1. Website design and content  
  2. Bespoke exhibition on the Green Centre bus
  3. Workshops and accompanying literature

The 10 principles are;

  1. Zero waste                                              
  2. Zero carbon                                             
  3. Sustainable water
  4. Local and sustainable food
  5. Sustainable transport
  6. Sustainable materials
  7. Land use and wildlife
  8. Health and happiness
  9. Equity and local economy
  10. Culture and community

You can help us raise further funds to help deliver the project by making a donation. The minimum amount is £1. You have 3 choices;

  • Visit our stall in the Open Market on Thursdays between 9am and 5pm and choose which module you would like to support. 
  • Donate through our website and under special instruction advise us which module you would like to support. 
  • Pay by cheque. Make payable to; "The Green Centre" and send to: The Green centre, Protran House, Boundary Road, Brighton, BN2 5TJ. Enclose a note advising us which module you would like to support.