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Bottle Top Marathon

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On 20th August, while you may be just switching off your alarm, the Green Centre Volunteer Team will be poised to start a 12 hour marathon of sorting milk bottle tops for recycling! At 7am, first at the table will be Melanie supported by Terri, Lou and Busta and throughout the day, Lisa, Chloe, Audrey and Sharna will be at the table too. You are welcome to join us.

Bottle tops need hand sorting to remove contaminants; rogue lids, metal lids, lids with paper tabs or paper stickers, corks, etc. It takes a keen eye and enormous dexterity to sort through thousands of lids of different sizes, shapes and colours and the Green Centre team are among the best!

To date we have recycled 7,000,000 bottle tops which side by side would stretch 175 miles and from the Green Centre we would reach Loughborough! The monies raised from recycling the tops is shared between Lupus Brighton & Hove and Lupus UK. The monies raised through our JustGiving page is to support the AMAZING team GC. It will provide for the following;

  • green Hi Vis vests for the volunteer team carrying the Green Centre logo and Green Centre Volunteer on the back.
  • a music licence so volunteers may listen to music at work.
  • refreshments 
  • travel costs