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Green Thursday: November 26th 10.30am to 7.00pm

You've probably heard of Black Friday. It orginated in America and every year on Black Friday stores across the country heavily discount items so everyone can enjoy a huge shopping bonanza. Now it's travelled across the waters and arrived in the UK.

Last year a whopping £810 million was spent, more than double the year before and there were tales of "handbags at dawn" as people fought in the aisles to grab a bargain.

So Green Thursday is all about doing the same but with an environmental theme. So the Green Centre will be heavily discounting items in our annual £1 sale.

Every item in the Green Centre shop will either be £1 or 50% off. Here's how it works;

If the orginal label says over a £1 then it becomes £1.

If the orginal label says £1 or under then you get 50% off.

We'll be open from 10.30am until 7.00pm on what will be the very last day of our season before we hibernate for winter. 

We'll reconnect with you on Tuesday February 2nd 2016.