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Hibernation 2015 / 2016

So, it's official we are in hibernation. The Green Centre officially closed for hibernation following the last Volunteer Saturday of the year on November 28th.

THANK YOU for all your support througout the year. Your kind donations have financed the project and helped support 16 charities. All from your unwanted STUFF. Thanks for bringing it to us.

During hibernation the centre is closed to the public. You can still leave donations in our green bin BUT we do encourage you to wait until we return in February. We have been expericencing an increasing amount of theft of donations from outside the centre so if you can wait please do. Nobody wants your recycling stuff;tetra paks, bottle tops, etc BUT your other donations are often highly desirable.

Despite being closed to the public, there is much going on behind the scenes as we reveiw EVERYTHING and complete a minature refurbishement in our 2nd hand market. 

SEASON 8 at the Green Centre begins on Tuesday February 2nd 2016 at 10.30am. Have a fabulous Christmas and New Year x