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The Green Centre

Slow Down. Consume Less. Share More.
Help give your planet a cleaner, greener future...


We are a non-for-profit organisation. Our income comes from several sources including grants, sales of green products, fees for workshops and talks and sponsorship. This is the most exclusive of our sponsorship schemes and is called The G5.

  • This scheme focuses on leadership and is designed to allow large, established businesses to participate. It is called the G5 as there are 5 spaces available.
  • Participation in this scheme requires a single donation of £5,000.
  • In return for your donation your business will be given prominent branding; your company name and profile will appear on display at The Green Centre and your logo will feature on all promotional literature, membership / loyalty scheme cards.

The G5 Sponsors

Helmstone Helmstone Communications
Helmstone Communications have provided The Green Centre with £5,000 worth of services including desk space with full access to all office equipment, web consultancy, web design and internet / email access.


world of workshops World of Workshops
World of Workshops have provided The Green Centre with £5,000 worth of services. The company runs The Green Workshop which is the creative inspiration behind The Green Centre. The workshop has been running since May 2006. The exchanges between Melanie Rees, the workshop leader, and those who contribute to the workshop, are the driving force behind the development of The Green Centre project.


Veolia Environmental Services has provided The Green Centre with £5,000 in money. This money has been used to support the Green Workshop which in turn supports the development of The Green Centre project.


east brighton trustEast Brighton Trust
We are most grateful to the East Brighton Trust who have provided the premises for The Green Centre. The trust have offered us a very generous package which requires us to cover the costs of running the centre; gas, electricity, phone, internet, etc and in addition to this, a small charge for rent. Since December 2008, when we acquired the premises, the sponsorship we have received in rent rebate amounts to £5,000.

brighton and hove councilBrighton & Hove Council
Brighton & Hove Council have awarded the Green Centre two grants of £2,500 each. The first grant was used to develop the Green Centre Task Force and the website and the second grant, awarded in March 2010 will be used for core costs including the rent and running costs of our East Brighton premises. The total amount of grants we have received is £5,000.