The Challenge

Bioregional consider this to be the challenge we face globally in relation to Equity & Fairtrade;

  • some in the industrialised world live in relative poverty, while many in the developing world cannot meet their basic needs from what they produce or sell

The Goals

Bioregional identify the following One Planet goals, set so we can all contribute to a common and ultimate goal;

  • to promote diversity and equality of opportunity across all abilities, gender, race, age and sexual orientation
  • to create a vibrant and resilient economy where a significant proportion of money is spent locally
  • to promote international trade that is conducted fairly and without exploitation

The Green Centre

Since 2006 the Green Centre team have been considering the Bioregional challenge and focusing on the Bioregional goals. The team have applied them through a series of initiatives developed in collaboration with the Brighton and Hove community and further afield through national and global initiatives. Through this organic process of learning our journey has centered around a set of intentions which help us practice the art of Equity and Fairtrade.

  • Our intentions;

1. to respect
2. to seek justice
3. to promote fairness

  • Local to Brighton and Hove we engaged very early in our existence with the Fairtrade Organisation through the local Co-op where we purchase our Fairtrade tea and coffee for our volunteer team. During Fairtrade Fortnight, at events run by the Co-op, we met farmers from across the globe. Outside of food production, we met Barbara who runs Love that Stuff in Brighton Marina and Siobhan who runs the Fair Shop in Brighton and Smarter Uniforms. Both women are passionate and committed to supporting producers in developing countries.

    Our equity agenda sees us raise awareness of local groups who support people who would be considered to be minorities who are marginalized and not treated equally. 

  • Nationally we raise awareness of Fairtrade Fortnight every year. The campaign, run by the Fairtrade Foundationcelebrates the farmers and workers who grow the food we eat, promoting a living wage and fair trade.

  • Globally our connections focus solely on communities in developing countries who cannot meet their basic needs. Between 2008 and 2017 we were a collection point for charity Workaid. During this time we collected and donated thousands of new and second hand tools and sewing equipment.

    In 2015 we were approached by Kevin Oketch, the founder of Right Hearts Against Poverty in Kenya to support a project providing feminine hygiene products so girls can attend school. We have shipped single use sanitary towels, cloth reusable towels, sewing materials to make cloth towels and for Christmas 2019, after saving all year, we bought a commerical sewing machine for Kevin's community.

    We understand the value of education and have been donating new pens to Malcolm O'Brien who runs Pens for Kids UK, second hand school equipment to Gill Castle who runs Omushana, and Rachelle Watkins who supports Faith School Busia, both initiatives in Uganda. Last year [2019] we started working with a community in Gambia; we are helping equip a school and a skills centre.