The Challenge

Bioregional consider this to be the challenge we face globally in relation to Sustainable Transport;

  • local travel by car and airplane can cause climate change, air and noise pollution, and congestion

The Goals

Bioregional identify the following goals, set so we can all contribute to a common and ultimate goal;

  • to reduce car dependence and the need for daily travel
  • to make it easy and attractive for people to walk and cycle
  • to promote car-sharing (including car clubs) and public transport
  • to promote low / zero-carbon vehicles including electric cars
  • to raise awareness of the impacts of and promote alternatives to air travel

The Green Centre

Since 2006 the Green Centre team have been considering the Bioregional challenge and focusing on the Bioregional goals. The team have applied them through a series of initiatives developed in collaboration with the Brighton and Hove community and further afield through national and global initiatives. Through this organic process of learning our journey has centered around a set of intentions which help us practice the art of Sustainable Transport.

  • Our intentions;

1. to walk 
2. to cycle
3. to reduce pollution

  • Local to Brighton and Hove we consider ourselves to be a friend of the Big Lemon having once shared a living space allowing us to learn about truly sustainable transport. Our volunteer team is mindful to walk, cycle, bus and car share to work. We have a close relationship with Brighton and Hove Buses who donated a vehicle to the Green Centre. We support cycling and raise awareness of the Brighton Bike Share scheme.     

  • Nationally we have connected with Sustrans which raises awareness of transport initiatives which help reduce carbon emissions including car sharing.

  • Globally we raise awareness of Car Free Day.