The Challenge

Bioregional consider this to be the challenge we face globally in relation to Zero Waste:

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  • the waste from discarded products and packaging which is creating a huge disposal problem while wasting valuable resources

The Goals

Bioregional identify the following goals, set so we can all contribute to a common and ultimate goal:

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  • to reduce wasteful consumption
  • to maximise reuse and recycling
  • to aim for zero waste to landfill

The Green Centre

Our ZERO WASTE actions

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1. Local actions:

  • in 2006 we set up our Community Recycling Programme collecting just 6 items; aluminium foil,  foreign currency, plastic milk bottle tops, mobile phones, postage stamps and printer cartridges. Fast forward to 2021 and we collect 50+ items. Visit our dedicated recycling page for more information.
  • in 2008 we launched our on-line Green A to Z providing details of reuse & recycle opportunities across the city and beyond for Brighton & Hove residents. We have continued to share everything we learn through this platform. Residents also contribute.
  • in 2009 we focused our energies on the 5 stages of the Waste Hierarchy and took a step up the ladder and launched our Community Reuse Market giving & selling 2nd hand items. In our 1st year we raised enough funds to cover our core costs.
  • in 2010 as we began to gain confidence in ourselves we sought to collaborate with other local organisations. Meet some of your local ZERO Waste champions

2. National actions
It is our intention to learn from and engage with larger organisations so we can benefit from their knowledge and expertise:

  • historically we have consulted with Cat Fletcher, of Brighton Reuse Depot and founder of Freegle, a UK organisation that aims to increase reuse and reduce landfill by offering a free Internet-based service where people can give away and ask for things that would otherwise be thrown away. 
  • we now partner with Cat and run Planet Brighton at Brighton Open Market, a shared space for environmental organisations to share their work with the Brighton and Hove residents.
  • Wales has established itself as one of the world's top recycling countries being named the third best recycler in the world in 2017. They dropped down to 4th position in 2021. With this in mind we consult regularly with the award winning Newport Wastesavers to learn from their expertise.

3. Global actions
We seek to keep abreast of global issues around waste and resources through the following: