The Challenge

Bioregional consider this to be the challenge we face globally in relation to Sustainable Transport:

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  • local travel by car and airplane can cause climate change, air and noise pollution, and congestion

The Goals

Bioregional identify the following goals, set so we can all contribute to a common and ultimate goal:

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  • to reduce car dependence and the need for daily travel
  • to make it easy and attractive for people to walk and cycle
  • to promote car-sharing (including car clubs) and public transport
  • to promote low / zero-carbon vehicles including electric cars
  • to raise awareness of the impacts of and promote alternatives to air travel

The Green Centre


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1. Local actions

  • we understand that active travel is preferable and so we focus on walking and cycling in an effort to reduce carbon emissions and pollution and promote public transport.
  • in 2015 we started working with Brighton & Hove Buses processing their lost property for resuse and recycling. Through this relationship we were able to learn about the development of their fleet of buses and zero emissions.
  • in 2017 we shared space with the Big Lemon and learnt about sustainable transport and the use of alternative fuels including biodiesel and solar.
  • in 2020, our co-founder Melanie Rees was part of the Brighton & Hove Climate Assembly which focused on transport.
  • in February 2021, supported by Brighton & Hove City Council, we were able to acquire a Nissan e-NV200. The charging infrastructure in the city is fuelled by 100% renewable energy provided by Good Energy.
  • in 2021 our volunteer team uses the following modes of transport to travel to and from the Green Centre;
    • Walking 
    • Cycling
    • Bus
    • Hybrid car
    • Electric van 

2. National actions
To gain a better understanding of sustainable transport across the UK:

  • we have connected with Sustrans which raises awareness of transport initiatives which help reduce carbon emissions including car sharing.

3. Global actions
We understand that we need to reduce car travel and increase "active travel" across the world: 

  • we support and raise awareness of World Car Free Day which is celebrated on September 22nd and encourages motorists to give up their car for a day. Organized events are held in some cities and countries