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Paint can be reused.

The Hove recycling site accepts household paints for re-use through the Community Paint reuse scheme.

For paint (art) see Art materials.

Pencil Sharpeners




Pens (broken)


Pens which are broken or without ink can be recycled.

We can accept the following pens for recycling with the Green Centre regardless of brand or material and whether they work or not;

  • Ballpoint pens
  • Felt tip pens
  • Propelling pens
  • Correction fluid pens
  • Markers
  • Highlighters

The pens are sent to TerraCycle Writing Instruments Programme where they are processed and made into new products. 

Pens (working)


Pens which are working can be re-used. Sometimes large companie have large quantities of branded pens they no longer need. This is usually because of new branding including new logos, change of address or phone number, etc.

We can accept these pens and will donate them to Pens for Kids who are a charity trying to help children around the world, by removing one of the hurdles on their way to an education - the cost of a pen! 



Perfume can be recycled.

The Body Shop runs a take-back scheme of their own product packaging.

Boots on North Street is collecting empty cosmetic packaging as well as perfume bottles.

If the container is empty and made of glass it can be added to your kerbside collection. For items which are half-full it is recommended that you bring them to the Brighton or Hove recycling sites.



It is possible to reduce your consumption of petrol.

In the first 9 months of 2011, 13.9 billion litres of petrol were sold in the UK compared with 14.9  billion litres in the same period in 2010. That's 1 billion litres less. Considering that we emit 2.3kg of CO2 for every litre of petrol consumed means that in 2011 we reduced carbon emissions by 2.3 million metric tonnes.

According to the AA, 40% of motorists have claimed they will drive more economically or drive less often in 2012 in a bid to beat the high costs of filling up.



Phone Charger


It is possible to reduce the energy used by your mobile phone charger.

Britons waste £134 million a year by overcharging phones, MP3 players and laptops. Overcharging your phone can reduce the lifespan of the battery. Mobile phones generally take 2 hours to charge.

Electric toothbrushes, hand-held vacuum cleaners and cordless phones are also likely to zap unnecessary juice.

Spending a few minutes unplugging ten common household gadgets when they are fully charged could save around £60 a year.

Any faulty chargers can be taken to either Brighton or Hove Recycling Sites. We also accept these at the Green Centre for recycling.

Plant Pots


Plant pots can be reused and recycled.

Magpie Recycling take both terracotta and black coloured plant pots that are marked PP5 which denotes the type of plastic they are made from.

B&Q invite you to return them for reuse.

Wyevale have a big sign and a place where you can leave washed pots and plant trays for re-use.

Information provided by Jane Power: Resident, Round Hill, Brighton.



Plants can be recycled.

For £52 a year you can sign up to Brighton and Hove's Garden Waste collection. You will be given a 240 litre wheelie bin for your garden waste which will be collected every two weeks.

You can include;

  • Grass cuttings
  • Hedge cuttings
  • Leaves
  • Plants
  • Tree cuttings
  • Twigs

You can also take your plants to either the Brighton or Hove recycling sites.  See Recycling Sites for locations and opening times.



There are only 3 organisations who can recycle plastics from Brighton and Hove residents. Follow the links IN ORDER and discover how to maximise your plastics recycling. 

  1. Brighton and Hove City Council
  2. Magpie Recycling  
  3. The Green Centre  

 Some supermarkets are offering some plastic recycling services;

  1. Asda - Brighton 
  2. Tescos - Hove


If you want to learn more about plastics, this is a good guide to different kinds of plastics. If you want to understand the impact of plastics on the environment then watch, "A Plastic Ocean" or find out all about the work of the amazing Afroz Shah in the documentary, "Plastic in our Oceans".

Plastic - Asda:Brighton Marina

You can recycle a range of plastic bags and film at Asda, Brighton Marina. We have been advised that if there is on-going contamination of the recycling bins this service will be terminated. Here's what you can recycle at Asda, Brighton Marina;

  • Clean bags, wrap and film only
  • Carrier bags and bags for life
  • Bread and produce bags
  • Toilet roll film
  • Shrink wrap and bubble wrap
  • Frozen food bags
  • Drinks multipack wrap
  • Cereal inner bags

Now see what you can recycle at Tesco, Hove.

Plastic - Brighton & Hove Council


Some plastic can be recycled with Brighton & Hove City Council. This service is funded by your Council Tax and forms part of the Council recycling scheme. The council accept PLASTIC BOTTLES ONLY. See below for how to prepare them and avoid contamination;

  • Milk bottles;  Wash. Squash. Place the lid inside.This is because when baled the plastic milk bottle tops pop off easily.
  • All other bottles: Wash. Squash. Return the lid and screw on tightly.

Now check out what you can recycle with Magpie Recycling

Plastic - Magpie Recycling

Lots of different kinds of plastic can be recycled with Magpie Recycling. To recycle with them you need to set up and account and then you must learn how to identify the different kinds of plastic. Magpie accept;

  • Plastic 1 (PET) - see the sign on the base or the side 
  • Plastic 2 (HDPE) - see the sign on the base or side
  • Plastic 3 (PVC) - see the sign on the base or side
  • Plastic 4 (LDPE) - see the sign on the base or side
  • Plastic 5 (PP) - see the sign on the base or side
  • Plastic 6 (PS) - only yoghurt pots. NO OTHER PRODUCTS in this group.

Magpie Accounts;

1. GreenBox which is only available on exisiting streets and costs £18 per quarter or £1.39 a week, payable in advance. To check if they are covering your street call 01273 684425 or email

2. OPT IN which is available throughout Brighton and Hove. You pay £20 on account and are given plastic sacks. The sacks are £1.59 each. When you have filled 2 then contact Magpie to come and collect. 

Now see what you can recycle with the Green Centre.

Plastic - Morrisons:St James Street


Morrisons on St James's Street will accept carrier bags, bread bags, produce bags and magazine wrap. The collecting bin is by the tills.

IMG 4771

Plastic - Tesco:Hove

You can recycle some plastic packaging at Tesco, Hove. 

  • You can include anything with this symbol in the carrier bag recycling cage outside the store. Sometimes the cage is inside the lobby or inside the store. Sometimes there is no cage and you have to hand it in to Customer Services.


Plastic - The Green Centre

Some plastic can be recycled with the Green Centre. These tend to be items that have some plastic components but are not made entirely of plastic. Here's what you can recycle with us;

  • AIR & HOME CARE PACKAGING (sponsored by Febreze)

1. All brands and sizes of plastic bottle caps and plastic trigger heads (used for air care and home cleaning products such as kitchen /bathroom cleaner sprays).
2. All brands and sizes of flexible wipe packaging (used for home cleaning products)
3. All brands and sizes of pumps and caps for home cleaning products.
4. All brands and sizes of plastic air freshener packaging (please remove any cardboard (usually the back) or other recyclable components and recycle these with your household collections).
5. All brands and sizes of plastic air fresheners and air freshener cartridges.

  1. Please check with your pharmacist first to see if they accept these, if not we will.
  • BABY FOOD POUCHES (sponsored by Ella's Kitchen)
  1. All brands of baby food pouches (clean please)
  • BABY SNACK PACKAGING (sponsored by Ella's Kitchen)
  1. Only Ella's Kitchen
  • BISCUIT & CAKE WRAPPERS (sponsored by McVitie's)
  1. All brands of sweet biscuit wrappers
  2. All brands of savoury biscuit wrappers
  3. All brands of cake packaging
  • BOTTLE TOPS (raises money for Lupus UK)
  1. All milk bottle tops; red,green and blue
  2. All plastic bottle tops made from HDPE (2) and LDPE (4)
  1. Cellophane from cigarette packaging (as well as the silver foils)
  2. All brands of tobacco pouches
  3. Cigarette butts
  • KENCO COFFEE PACKAGING (sponsored by Kenco)
  1. Lids from coffee jars
  2. Refill packs
  • PERSONAL CARE & BEAUTY PACKAGING (sponsored by Garnier)
  1. Flexible single use mask packaging
  2. Flexible plastic wipes packaging (personal care)
  3. Caps, pumps and trigger sprays from beauty products
  4. Flexible plastic pots and tubes from beauty products
  5. Hair colourant kits
  6. Plastic roll on deodorants
  • TASSIMO COFFEE PACKAGING (sponsiored by Tassimo)
  1. Pods
  2. Outer packaging but NOT the cardboard as this can be recycled with the Council
  1. You can recycle any brand of water filter at Robert Dyas on George Street in Hove and Western Road in Brighton
  2. You can also recycle any brand of water filter with us
  • WRITING INSTRUMENTS (sponsored by BIC)
  1. Pens (broken)
  2. Felt pens
  3. Highlighters
  4. Tippex bottles

We are at Brighton Open Market every Thursday between 9am and 5pm. Please ALWAYS check our Diary for dates for the market and our Facebook page for all the latest recycling news. 

Now see what you can recycle at Asda, Brighton Marina.

Plastic Bottles


Plastic bottles can be recycled with Brighton and Hove City Council and is actually the only plastic recycled by the Council. This is paid for by your Council Tax.

Plastic Bowls


Plastic bowls can be re-used. See Kitchen Goods

Plumbing Tools


See Tools



Porcelain can be re-used and recycled.

Porcelain in good condition can be donated to a charity shop or can be sold at a car boot sale.

Broken porcelain - see Ceramics

Postage Stamps


Postage Stamps can be re-used and recycled.

Collectable stamps can be re-used by selling to Coastal Stamp Auctions at 36 Queens Road, Brighton, BN1 3XB - 01273 324827.

Used stamps can be recycled at the Green Centre. We send them to the RNIB Recycling scheme or you can send them directly yourself.

Please cut the stamp off the envelope. RNIB volunteers prepare thousands of stamps and this will save them hours of work. When cutting, leave approximately 1cm of envelope bordering each stamp. The rest of the envelope can be recycled. Please separate the stamps into:

  1. British
  2. Overseas

Power Tools


See Tools

Press Studs


Pringles tubes


Pringles tubes can be recycled.

This recycling scheme is currently being run by Terracycle and there is a public drop off at the Green Centre in Brighton Open Market on a THursday between 9am and 5pm. From January 24th 2019 to December 12th 2019.

We can accept the tube, the seal and the plastic lid. NO OTHER TUBES accepted. 

Printer Cartridges


Printer cartridges can be re-used and recycled.

You can bring them to the Green Centre. Click here to view the scheme used at the Green Centre.

Most charity shops and many electrical retailers provide FREEPOST bags to recycle printer cartridges. 

Cartridge World offers a good service. Click here to find out how they support the environment and to locate a store near you.



See Bags